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Fun and Functional Pool Lighting Tips

Pool Lighting | Allen Pool Service

Pool Lighting Tips When the sun goes down, your urge to swim should not; that’s why pool lighting is so important. Not only does pool lighting allow you too keep swimming well into the night, but it also turns your pool into a visual delight. It can even make your backyard safer by keeping paths and obstacles illuminated. That’s why choosing the right pool lighting... Read More

Cool and Practical Pool Renovation Ideas

Pool Renovation Ideas Thinking about a swimming pool renovation? You’re not alone. Almost every pool owner has a renovation idea or two, an image in mind for their dream pool. Fortunately, Allen Pool Service is here to help you make the best possible swimming pool renovation decisions, in terms of price, usability, and overall dazzle. Know Your Renovation Budget? Most people need to keep spending in... Read More

Pool Maintenance – Give Your Pool an Annual Check Up

Annual Pool Inspection | Allen Pool Service

Annual Pool Maintenance Swimming pool maintenance usually refers to weekly pool servicing, including water tests, chemical input, debris cleaning, et cetera. Or we are talking about opening and closing a pool, critical to outdoor pool maintenance. But every pool should also get an annual check-up in order to catch and address small problems before they become big problems. With every pool closing, Allen Pool Service performs... Read More

The Value of Swimming Pool Renovation When Selling Your House

Pool Renovation Before Selling | Allen Pool Service

The Value of Swimming Pool Renovation When you are planning to sell your house, there is a lot of focus on fixing it up for sale to get maximum returns. You realtor and staging professional will provide input on what needs to be improved inside the house and will likely discuss potential landscaping changes that will enhance curb appeal, however, swimming pool renovations often get... Read More

Making Your Pool Eco-Friendly: The Right Thing To Do

Make your pool eco friendly | Allen Pool Service

Eco-Friendly Pools We have larger carbon footprints than anyone else on earth. We consume lots of energy by driving bigger cars and powering bigger houses than other countries. As the real impact of this consumption becomes more and more apparent—with rising sea levels, hotter summers, and more intense climate events—Americans and others are taking steps towards environmental sustainability. Pool-owners have an easy and excellent opportunity to... Read More

6 Steps to Successful Pool Closing

Successful Pool Closing | Allen Pool Service

As summer turns to fall, the days get shorter and cooler, and the opportunity for poolside play dwindles. Sad as it seems, the time has come to close your swimming pool for the winter. Pool closing can be a bit of a process, which is why many homes and businesses entrust Allen Pool Service to close their pools for them. We take care to close... Read More

Many Atlanta Pools Fail the Clean Test

Pools fail the clean test around Atlanta - Allen Pool Service

After a hot summer day, nothing is better than a dip in the pool to get you feeling cool and clean. But what if the pool is not so clean? Such is the case for an unfortunate number of swimming pools across the nation, and the Atlanta area is no exception. Many pools fail the clean test, are too dirty to pass their inspections and... Read More

Fun Pool Accessories for Adults and Kids

Fun pool accessories for adults and kids - Allen Pool Atlanta

Everyone has fun in the swimming pool! But when we think about pool accessories, we usually think about toys marketed towards kids: colorful inflatables, water guns, animal floaties. That’s why Allen Pool Service put together this list of all-ages pool accessories to enhance the pool experience for the whole family. Next time you stock up on swimming pool equipment, look for some of these fabulous... Read More

Planning the Perfect Pool Party

Planning the Perfect Pool Party - Allen Pool Service

From Memorial Day through Labor day and beyond pool owners love to entertain friends and family with some backyard fun. But, being a pool owner shouldn’t increase your entertainment stress. Your friends at Allen Pool Service know what it takes to throw fun, safe pool parties where guests and hosts alike can have a great time! Don’t stress about invitations and decorations. If you want... Read More

10 Essential Pool Maintenance Tips

Pool Chemical Check | Allen Pool Service

At Allen Pool Service in Atlanta, we want your pool to a source of great enjoyment for your family and friends all season long. The key to carefree pool ownership, however, is proper maintenance. Because pool maintenance can be time-consuming, you may want to let Atlanta’s most dependable pool service team help. To ensure a healthy pool and happy swimmers, check out our 10 essential... Read More