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Pool Inspection

pool inspection

Pool ownership happens in many different ways. Sometimes you have a pool built on your existing property. Sometimes you purchase property with a pool already included. If you’re considering the latter, a pool maintenance inspection is something you may want to consider alongside the typical property inspection you would have done before you signed for the house. Let’s take a little closer look at what... Read More

Why Winter’s the Best Time to Spring Plan for Your Pool

winter pool renovation

Winter Pool Renovation Here in Atlanta, there’s a lot that can be done in the winter to get your pool ready for the next season, whether or not you’re keeping it open in the winter. Thanks to our more temperate weather, believe it or not, the winter is the best time to plan and complete a winter pool renovation. If you’ve been thinking about updating your... Read More

Party by the Pool Year-Round With These Top Tips

keep pool open in winter

How to Keep Pool Open in Winter Winter is a-comin, but that doesn’t mean you have to put the pool away for good. Here in Atlanta, many people actually choose to keep their pools open for winter and keep the fun going year round. If you’re thinking you might want to brave the winter months without closing your pool, there are a few things on... Read More

Things to Consider When Closing Your Pool

pool closing

Pool tips from your Atlanta Pool Company Allen Pool Service. It’s Pool Closing Time Fall is just around the corner and then comes time to close up the pool shop for the year. It’s nobody’s favorite part of owning a pool, having to kiss those sweet, relaxing Summer days goodbye, but it comes with the territory of the changing seasons. So before you cover it... Read More

Slim Down With These Pool Workouts

pool workouts

As the temperatures rise and going for a run or doing a circuit workout sounds more like torture than fitness, why not take your exercise regimen to the pool? As your Atlanta pool service team, we know that in-pool exercises and pool workouts are a great way to stay fit and cool even on the hottest summer days. The addition of water adds a new level... Read More

Salt Water Pool Benefits

salt water pool benefits

Chlorine has been the gold standard of pool health for quite some time and while most begrudgingly accept it was a necessity to maintaining a pool, there’s a growing movement among pool owners to switch to salt water pools. But is this increasingly popular pool trend worth the hassle of changing systems? We looked at some salt water pool benefits and here’s what we found.... Read More

The Best Poolside Drinks to Sip on This Summer

When you think summertime relaxation, what exactly comes to mind? Hanging out in a hammock, maybe. Sipping on beer at the patio of your favorite brewery, perhaps. But above all other summer relaxation, laying out by or playing in the pool comes out on top. The only thing more refreshing than sitting on the edge of the pool or floating on your favorite trendy flotation... Read More