What Are the Best Ways to Keep Leaves Out of My Pool?

leaves in a swimming pool

You’ve survived those scorching hot Atlanta summer days, and your pool was a huge reason why. There are still plenty of opportunities to make use of your pool as we transition into fall, but you’ll need to put in a little more maintenance work as the leaves begin to fall.

Leaves can wreak havoc on your pool if you aren’t diligent about cleaning them out as they fall. You’ll experience a variety of issues that can result in elevated pool maintenance costs when it’s time to get ready for next summer. Leaves in your pool can result in:

  • Clogged drains, pumps and filtration lines
  • Restricted water flow and reduced efficiency of pool equipment
  • Blockage of plumbing lines
  • Increased energy costs due to an overworked pump
  • Damage to your pool equipment

The following tips will help you keep your pool free of leaves this fall.

Use a Pool Cover

A pool cover is one of the most effective ways to keep leaves and debris from getting into your pool. If you purchase a cover that rolls up automatically, it will be much easier to put it on and take it off when you use the pool. Make sure to use a pool cover pump in order to remove dirty water from the surface of the cover. Otherwise, this dirty water will spill into the pool when you remove the cover, and this will throw your chemical levels out of balance.

If you prefer to avoid a bulky pool cover, you have a few alternatives that are very effective at keeping leaves out of the pool:

  • Mesh pool cover – This option will keep leaves and other debris out of the water, but allow rain water to seep through. This eliminates the risk of large puddles of water collecting and damaging the cover. Mesh covers are also a little easier to clean off when you remove them.
  • Leaf net cover – You can use this cover by itself or in addition to a solid pool cover. Using it alone will make it easy to clear leaves away before swimming, especially if you get a large leaf buildup. Using it in conjunction with your solid pool cover will make cleaning off your main cover much easier.

Stay on Top of Your Landscaping

pool landscapingStaying diligent with your landscaping efforts will help keep leaves out of your pool. If you have trees that extend over your pool, make sure you trim them periodically. This will significantly reduce the number of leaves that fall into your pool. It will also ensure dead branches don’t end up in the pool after a storm.

Make sure you regularly remove leaves that fall in your yard. This will prevent them from getting blown into the pool. When cutting grass, use a bag to reduce the amount of grass and other debris that flies into the water.

If you’re considering adding some vegetation to your yard, be strategic about your choices. The following options will make it easier to keep your pool clean:

  • Tropical trees and plants have large leaves that don’t make a mess as the weather gets colder
  • Plants that don’t flower or produce fruit will reduce the debris that ends up in your pool
  • Smaller trees are easier to trim and maintain, allowing you to avoid branches that hang over the pool
  • Shrubs are a great way to create privacy in your yard without producing large amounts of leaf debris for the pool

Install Leaf Blocks or Retaining Walls

If your neighbors accumulate lots of leaves on their lawn, you may find that they end up blowing into your pool on windy days. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent this from occurring:

  • Leaf block – This wall or small fencing surrounds your pool and blocks nearby leaves from getting into the water
  • Retaining wall – These walls or fences can be installed along the outskirts of your property to add privacy and keep unwanted debris out of your pool

Small bushes and hedges can also be an effective way to prevent the wind from blowing leaves into the pool. The advantage of using hedges as retaining walls is that they tend to look nicer.

Use a Robotic Pool Skimmer

Robotic pool skimmers digitally map out the pool area using internal sensors. Vacuum suction technology pulls up all leaves and other debris in the area being cleaned. These devices are easy to maintain – just empty the bin whenever it fills up and clean the filter periodically to avoid clogging.

While robotic pool skimmers are an easy and effective solution to keep your pool free of leaves, they’re not cheap. Most of these devices will cost between $500-$1,000.

Other Equipment to Keep Your Pool Leaf Free

There’s plenty of gear you can use to remove leaves that have gotten into your pool, including:

  • Skimmer nets
  • Leaf rakes
  • Leaf vacs
  • Leaf traps
  • Leaf gulpers

Allen Pool Service Can Help

In an ideal world, you’ll be able to put in the time each week to stay on top of the leaves as they fall. However, many of us have busy lives and cleaning the leaves out of your pool may not always fit into your schedule. Allen Pool Service can help keep your pool free of leaves and prevent damage to your pool equipment.

We offer hassle-free routine pool maintenance that will make sure fallen leaves are addressed before they wreak havoc on your pool. Our pool cleaning service will help you restore the proper chemical balance if the water has become contaminated by leaves and other debris. At Allen Pool Service, we’re committed to delivering dependable, high quality service that makes it easy for you to keep your pool in great shape.

Please contact us to find out how we can help with your fall pool maintenance needs. We serve customers in the Atlanta, Georgia area.