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Why Blondes Go Green

Swimming Pools Make Blondes Go Green

Do Swimming Pools Make Blondes Go Green? Spending time in the pool is one of the summer’s greatest pleasures – it’s hard to beat the cool temperature of the water as you dive under on a hot day. But for blonde hair people, there’s been a long-standing fear that comes along with dipping into a chlorinated pool – the dreaded green hair. It’s true, spending... Read More

Behind the Scenes: Atlanta Swimming Pool Renovation

Atlanta pool renovation

Have you ever wondered what really goes into a swimming pool renovation? Each year, we do a lot of swimming pool renovations in Atlanta, and no one is the same. But, we did want to give you a little look behind the scenes at a recent Atlanta pool renovation. As with all renovations, this begins with a free consultation.  We went out and looked at... Read More

Amazing Pools from Around the World

amazing pools

Your team of pool maintenance experts at Allen Pool Service love seeing the latest in new pool design. After all, seeing what others are doing with their pools help us bring those ideas to our customers, whether it is a new pool or a complete pool renovation and make over. Thus, we are always looking at amazing pools from around the world to help spark... Read More

Atlanta Salt Water Pool Conversion

salt water pool conversion renovation

At Allen Pool Service in Atlanta, it is our job to help you feel proud of your pool. Owning and taking care of a pool is a significant undertaking, and we want to make sure you love your pool without hesitation. This is why we shine spotlights on several pool renovations every month—we love completing a project and seeing the looks on our customers’ faces!... Read More

Alpharetta Pool Service: Winterize Your Pool in Georgia

Winterizing in Alpharetta | Allen Pool Service

While the thermometer reached 72 degrees here in Alpharetta, Georgia today, we know how quickly that can change.  That’s why Allen Pool Services helps hundreds of Alpharetta pool owners get their pools ready for winter. Winterizing your pool is essential to its upkeep and maintenance. To minimize winter wear and tear, proper preparation and a strong pool cover are essential. Even indoor pools that are... Read More

Making Your Pool Eco-Friendly: The Right Thing To Do

Make your pool eco friendly | Allen Pool Service

Eco-Friendly Pools We have larger carbon footprints than anyone else on earth. We consume lots of energy by driving bigger cars and powering bigger houses than other countries. As the real impact of this consumption becomes more and more apparent—with rising sea levels, hotter summers, and more intense climate events—Americans and others are taking steps towards environmental sustainability. Pool-owners have an easy and excellent opportunity to... Read More