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Best Pool Enhancements to Consider This Year

pool enhancements

Pool season is about to be in full swing, and with more time spent poolside comes all kinds of wild dreams for improving your pool and your experience with it. There are a number of ways you can go about adding pool enhancements, apart from swimming pool renovations, and making it a more interactive experience, or simply a more aesthetically pleasing one, but here are... Read More

Pool Accessories You Need Before You Uncover for the Year

uncovering your pool

Must Haves for Uncovering Your Pool We’re getting closer and closer to Spring, when pool season will be in full swing once again here in the Atlanta area. If you’re thinking about uncovering your pool and getting it into working condition for the spring/summer/fall, there are a few things you’ll want to make sure you have on hand. These accessories and tools are necessities for new... Read More

Salt Water Pool Benefits

salt water pool benefits

Chlorine has been the gold standard of pool health for quite some time and while most begrudgingly accept it was a necessity to maintaining a pool, there’s a growing movement among pool owners to switch to salt water pools. But is this increasingly popular pool trend worth the hassle of changing systems? We looked at some salt water pool benefits and here’s what we found.... Read More

Latest Swimming Pool Trends

swimming pool trends

When it comes to swimming pool trends, you may think that not much has changed. However, that could not be farther than the truth. If you are considering a swimming pool renovation project, or even thinking about putting in a new pool, we have several new swimming pool trends you may want to consider. Pool Trends #1: Vanishing Edges with Beach Entry Most pools are... Read More

Swimming Pool Automation Systems

swimming pool automation

Some of you may have heard of the Internet of Things (IoT). It is the idea that many day-to-day things like appliances, security systems, lighting and more are in some way shape or form are connected to the internet and you can control them from wherever you happened to be. In fact, IoT enables the communication for many automation systems. One of the fastest growing... Read More

High-tech Pool Gadgets

When it comes to your pool and enjoying it, you have to have some toys. And, by toys, we don’t mean floaties and diving toys for the kids. We are talking high-tech pool gadgets and toys for everyone. As your swimming pool maintenance and pool renovation experts, we have seen a lot of cool stuff for pools. So, we decided to spotlight a few of our... Read More

Summer Fun: Pool Toy Trends

pool toys

The Latest Pool Toys for a Summer of Fun! Summer is all about the pool, which is why it is our favorite season. To make your pool even more exciting for the last few weeks of summer, your pool service experts here at Allen Pool have compiled a list of the summer’s greatest pool toys. The bonus: they aren’t just for kids! Pool toys make swimming more... Read More

Tips for Salt Water Pool Conversion

salt water pool conversion

If you keep up with pool trends, you have likely heard about salt water pool conversion in recent years. If you have not never fear: your friends at Allen Pool are all self-described pool technology nerds, and we want to talk about salt water! This month, we are bringing you a guide to all things conversion so that if you are thinking of making the... Read More

Pool Solar Heating Systems: The Ins and Outs

solar heating systems

Solar Swimming Pool Heaters The sun is shining and summer is in the air here in Georgia. Your friends at Allen Pool Atlanta, your swimming pool maintenance experts, are gearing up, and we know you are too! You may be thinking about replacing your pool’s water heater. Should you go electric or solar? Read on to find out! Most pools these days have one of two... Read More

Pros and Cons of Converting to a Salt System

Salt Water Pools | Allen Pool Service

Pool Salt Systems In recent years there has been a definitive shift from chlorinated pool systems to salt water pools. This is a controversial topic because there are strong proponents on both sides. Here at Allen Pool Service, we see the benefits of both systems, but today we want to focus on how and why you would want to consider converting to a salt system.... Read More