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Tips for Salt Water Pool Conversion

salt water pool conversion

If you keep up with pool trends, you have likely heard about salt water pool conversion in recent years. If you have not never fear: your friends at Allen Pool are all self-described pool technology nerds, and we want to talk about salt water! This month, we are bringing you a guide to all things conversion so that if you are thinking of making the... Read More

Pool Solar Heating Systems: The Ins and Outs

solar heating systems

Solar Swimming Pool Heaters The sun is shining and summer is in the air here in Georgia. Your friends at Allen Pool Atlanta, your swimming pool maintenance experts, are gearing up, and we know you are too! You may be thinking about replacing your pool’s water heater. Should you go electric or solar? Read on to find out! Most pools these days have one of two... Read More

Pros and Cons of Converting to a Salt System

Salt Water Pools | Allen Pool Service

Pool Salt Systems In recent years there has been a definitive shift from chlorinated pool systems to salt water pools. This is a controversial topic because there are strong proponents on both sides. Here at Allen Pool Service, we see the benefits of both systems, but today we want to focus on how and why you would want to consider converting to a salt system.... Read More