Pool Care Tips from Allen Pool Service

Pool Winterization Checklist

pool winterization

Winterizing your pool is critical to protecting it so you can continue enjoying it for years to come. You’ll reduce or eliminate the risk of damage to your pool over the winter. Plus, properly winterizing your pool now can save you a lot of time and effort in the spring. If you look at this checklist and aren’t prepared to follow through all the steps,... Read More

Spring Pool Opening Checklist

Helpful Tips for Opening Your Atlanta Pool

Helpful Tips for Opening Your Atlanta Pool from Allen Pool Service As we approach swim season, it’s time to get your pool ready. There are quite a few steps in getting your pool ready for the season. It’s time consuming, although it’s not especially difficult. However, if you are looking to maximize your enjoyment of your pool in Atlanta and minimize your work, contact Allen... Read More

5 Common Problems Impacting Pools During Winter

5 Common Problems Impacting Pools During Winter

Most of us don’t use our pools in the winter, which means it’s easy to forget about them. You shouldn’t, though, because neglecting your pool in the winter could lead to some major problems that will cause you headaches in the spring. Here are some of the common problems people experience with their pools during the winter, and how to avoid them. Cover Blowing Off... Read More

5 Tips to Get Your Pool Ready for Winter

5 Pool Winterization Tips to Get Your Pool Ready for Winter

Pool Winterization Tips As we approach the end of the pool season, it’s time to start thinking about closing your pool down for the winter. Nobody’s happy when this time comes around every year, but hopefully you enjoyed your pool enough this summer that you’re looking forward to opening it in the spring. Here are some tips that will help make it easier to get... Read More

Post-COVID Safety Precautions for Commercial Pools

public pool taking post-COVID safety precautions

Last year, many commercial pools were closed for much or all of the season. This year, the country will be much more open for summer, and people will expect to be able to use pools at hotels and apartment complexes, as well as public community pools. However, concerns still remain about the continued spread of the coronavirus, and it’s important for pool owners and operators... Read More

DIY Tips to Maintain a Beautiful Pool Deck

pool deck after being cleaned

A beautiful pool deck helps you enjoy your pool. It’s just more comfortable lounging around your pool when you feel your surroundings are attractive and you’re not obsessing about that one stain marring the deck. Plus, it’s more comfortable to invite company over to hang out by the pool if you aren’t worried that they’ll judge you on the condition of your deck. Unfortunately, over... Read More

How Long Will My Commercial Pool Renovation Take?

How Long Will My Commercial Pool Renovation Take?

At Allen Pool Service, we have been performing both private and commercial pool renovations for more than 40 years (see some of our projects here). That lets us tell you with confidence and certainty how long your pool renovation will take: it depends. Unfortunately, that’s the honest truth. Until we actually look at your pool, we can’t know for sure how long it will take... Read More