Pure Pool Enjoyment

The Perfectly Grilled Burger

perfectly grilled burger

It is summer and nothing beats getting out in the back yard to enjoy the pool and grilling up some grub. And, a true summer favorite is the good old hamburger. As your go-to swimming pool company, we would be doing you a disservice if we did not share our perfectly grilled burger tips. Perfectly Grilled Burger Tip #1 – Start with Meat Selecting the... Read More

Protection From Pool Chemicals

Protection From Pool Chemicals

As we enter pool season, we know that some of you are concerned about pool chemicals and exposure. As your swimming pool maintenance and service team, we understand. And, while we strive to not over chlorine pools, we do have some simple things to offer your protection from pool chemicals. But, keep in mind, that for most swimming pools, chemicals are required to kill dangerous bacteria... Read More

Great Pool Workout

pool workout

At Allen Pool Service Atlanta, your swimming pool maintenance experts, we believe there is no reason you should hit the gym. Instead, hit the pool! Did you know that your pool can be your gym? There are many different pool workouts that your can do in the comfort of your pool that will burn calories while toning and strengthening your body. And the best part is, when... Read More

Five Tips to Avoid Sunburns

avoid sunburns

How to Minimize Sun Damage and Burns It feels like one of our hottest summers yet, and we have been spending all of our free time, outside of pool maintenance, soaking in the pool. We hope you are doing the same! It is important to us to spend every moment we can outside in the summer, and this means protecting our skin from the sun.... Read More

Perfect Poolside Drink Recipes for Any Occasion

poolside drink recipes

Fun Cocktails for the Pool Summer is in full swing, and hopefully you have found ample time to lounge by the pool. You may have even thrown a party or two! Pool parties are our favorite kind of parties here at Allen Pool Atlanta, and this month we want to help you add an extra drop of goodness to your parties (or your alone time... Read More

Get Toned Up For Swimsuit Season

summer shape workout

Summer Shape Workout Summer is in the air, and that means it is almost time to throw the cover off of your pool and get ready for warm days lounging in the water. Your friends at Allen Pool Atlanta, your pool maintenance team, can’t wait for swim season to start. But, like a lot people, we have also been hibernating a bit this winter and... Read More

Stay Fit This Winter With Indoor Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics | Allen Pool Service

Winter is in full swing, and getting in the pool this time of year may be the last thing thing on your mind!  But we’re all looking for ways to stay fit during the winter months, and there is nothing like water aerobics for a low stress, high value workout. That’s exactly why it’s worth a closer look: water aerobics can bring joy and health benefits... Read More

Fun and Functional Pool Lighting Tips

Pool Lighting | Allen Pool Service

Pool Lighting Tips When the sun goes down, your urge to swim should not; that’s why pool lighting is so important. Not only does pool lighting allow you too keep swimming well into the night, but it also turns your pool into a visual delight. It can even make your backyard safer by keeping paths and obstacles illuminated. That’s why choosing the right pool lighting... Read More

Fun Pool Accessories for Adults and Kids

Fun pool accessories for adults and kids - Allen Pool Atlanta

Everyone has fun in the swimming pool! But when we think about pool accessories, we usually think about toys marketed towards kids: colorful inflatables, water guns, animal floaties. That’s why Allen Pool Service put together this list of all-ages pool accessories to enhance the pool experience for the whole family. Next time you stock up on swimming pool equipment, look for some of these fabulous... Read More

Planning the Perfect Pool Party

Planning the Perfect Pool Party - Allen Pool Service

From Memorial Day through Labor day and beyond pool owners love to entertain friends and family with some backyard fun. But, being a pool owner shouldn’t increase your entertainment stress. Your friends at Allen Pool Service know what it takes to throw fun, safe pool parties where guests and hosts alike can have a great time! Don’t stress about invitations and decorations. If you want... Read More